The Post-graduate Funk

Ow, we want the funk
Give up the funk
Ow, we need the funk
We gotta have that funk

So you’re officially a graduate, the world is your oyster, there will be so many opportunities out there for someone with your skill set.

Actual reality: a bunch of rejections, emails without reply, mounting debt and a sinking feeling.

I’m in the post-graduate funk.

Trapped in a sort of limbo between graduation and my first real job life is a little grey. It seems a degree is no longer enough when everyone wants experience but no-one will give it to you.

So here I am stuck in my in-between job that seems to be more permanent than I wanted it to be. When everyone you know has their life together and I’m just here like: “we added porridge to the menu and it seems to be doing surprisingly well.”

Having just turned 22 and being officially into my 20s I feel like I should be doing so many cool things; living life to the fullest, travelling, making new friends, and exploring, but here I making lumpless milkshakes for the crazies of Plymouth.

The funny thing is you get comfortable, money coming in, living with your parents, food in fridge and then you get complacent. Job hunting and getting nowhere is so disheartening and it is easy to just give up and live the cushy life you’ve made for yourself. However to quote the wise and truest words of Billy Ocean “when the going gets tough, the tough get going” So I recommend when it seems there is no hope, and the lack of prospects is depressing, dig your heels in and keep on trucking, you never know what is waiting around the corner.

It’s these times in my life when the future and adult life gets too much that I regress back to my childhood. I found the best playlist on youtube with hits from 1990-2000.

It was a time when Kelly Clarkson was my style goddess, I fancied the pants off of Usher, and Will Smith rocked the two vest look. Pink went to a new level and left punk behind and all clothes were somehow baggy and revealing. When JoJo’s song ‘Leave’ had the perfect amount of sass that built you up to break up with your ‘boyfriend’ (well the boy you held hands with once and maybe kissed as a dare).  And I leave you with the question why were cropped body-warmers ever a thing?

I digress so in aid of getting my crap together here is a list of things I aim to do by the end of this year:

-Have a job

-Have travelled somewhere

-Go to a concert or three

-Go to the theatre

-Learn to drive

-And finally get out of this funk.




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