Foot on the ladder

So I had my first post graduate job interview last Wednesday.


That’s right I’m growing up (she says hoping reader will ignore the SAY WHHHAAATTT!)

I cannot believe I just typed those words. It is hard to even fathom a company reading my application, my CV, and also my blog *cringe* and still inviting me to an interview. You would think employers would think twice after reading countless posts about how useless I am as a human being, but it seems they put it down to good ol’ English self deprecation.

So rocking up to my interview in heels that I could not walk in, slightly flustered and windswept-the warm tube air was not my friend-I managed to sign in, collect a visitors badge, and seem semi-professional.

Whilst waiting in bustling reception I made a mental of list things I should remember:

  1. Don’t fall down
  2. Firm handshake
  3. Smile
  4. Don’t fall down
  5. Company philosophy and principles
  6. Don’t fall down
  7. Why they should hire me…
  8. Don’t fall down
  9. Sell myself, no-one is going to do it for me!
  10. Talk slowly
  11. And finally for God sake don’t fall down.

I have good news, I didn’t fall down!!

*mental high five*

And I think it went okay, although who knows with interviews? It is like taking a test, you come out thinking you’ve failed and you do okay, or you think you aced it and fail. There is no winning. I am just clinging to the knowledge that I did the best I could in the situation.

So after two hours of trying to flog, sell, and basically be what I now call an ‘interview slut’, I needed a break. A celebratory latte later I went out into the city that could soon be my home.

I honestly never thought I would consider moving to London. I am not good with crowds, busy public transport, or angry people, all things the big city has in abundance.  However you know what I’m growing to like it. The concrete and almost unbearable humidity, the lack of eye contact, and the fact that everyone is in always in a hurry, it has a strange sort of charm, well from an outsiders perspective.

With my new found love for London and a morning of acting like an adult I spent the rest of the day in the Science Museum, playing all the games, touching all the displays, and generally having a great time with a bunch of families with children below 3. 

It’s safe to say I’m not quite grown up yet.

Further proof of this fact happened earlier today… *flashback sound effect*

I was out walking my dog and spotted a particularly cute guy at the bus stop. In an attempt to appear cool and breezy to attract his attention, I took my eyes off my feet and ended up standing on my dogs lead, tripping myself up, and partly strangling him (my dog that is). In an attempt to laugh it off I accidentally snort hiccuped, and then almost got run over by a car.

Life-1, Ellen-0.  


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