Clip Cupid’s Wings

Ah February 14th here you are again and oh how I hate you.

Let’s get something straight it has nothing to do with my amazing track record with men:

Or quite frankly my appalling dating history:

Let’s not dwell shall we…

I don’t hate Valentine’s Day because I’m single, honest! I’m not one of those bitter, lonely girls, who buys a bunch of flowers, and hangs with her two favourite men Ben and Jerry. There is no guzzling down a pint of ice cream whilst sobbing at some form of Rom Com, and wondering why love isn’t like it is the movies. See:

I only do that on weekends.

I don’t designate this random day in February to questioning my marital status.

Ah February 14th it is to do with what you’ve come represent. No I am not saying I hate love, far from it, I’m saying I hate how you’ve commercialised it.

Be happy, buy each other gifts, give out cards, go for meals, be together, but don’t just do this once a year. Valentine’s Day has put a price tag on love.

I’ve seen women go mad because their man hasn’t spoilt them enough.

Well news flash people it’s the thought that counts.

I would rather a guy do little thoughtful things for me throughout the year than buy me some big romantic gesture on a gloomy day in February.

Change the oil in my car, buy me a bunch of flowers occasionally, ring me for no reason and say “I just wanted to hear your voice”. Make me a coffee when I’m working late, give me coupons for free hugs, or agree to watch a movie with me that you hate but know I love. All this stuff is better than a piece of jewellery or chocolates on just one day a year.

It is a day that makes the single feel desperately alone and causes those in relationships unduly stress. Let’s celebrate it the way it should be, by spreading love, revelling in it and this doesn’t mean splashing the cash. It shouldn’t be anything to do with gifts.

The story goes that St Valentine was jailed for performing marriage ceremonies’ for soldier who were forbidden and on his execution day his death note was signed ‘your valentine’.

We need to carry on the original message of Valentine’s Day. It should be about making people feel loved and bringing joy to those who feel unappreciated, not about gas station flowers and cheesy cards.

Now this Valentine’s Day I’m considering hitting up the Big Issue guy who gave me the full appraisal and wolf whistle the other day. A compliments a compliment right? I’ll let you how it goes…

Or maybe I should take my own advice..

I don’t need a man:


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