My life in GIFs

Now if you have read anything I’ve posted so far on my blog you’ll know life is never dull and recently it has been no exception.

However dissertation research, reading, and Prison Break seem to have capture all my time-if I’m being honest Prison Break has engulfed most of it, 3 seasons in 2 weeks, SAY WHAT!-so I thought I’d spend a little time with you guys.

Hi I’m Ellen and I’m addicted to BuzzFeed. It is an unhealthy relationship but gosh darn it I can’t get enough. I have read every article and taken every pointless quiz. Apparently the colour of my aura is yellow, I belong in Hufflepuff, I have the mental age of a 34-year-old, and Jennifer Lawrence should play me in a film about my life. All absolutely correct may I add!

Through my procrastination I have realised GIFs have become increasingly popular to describe things perfectly and I thought I’d give it a whirl.

So to kick it off I thought I’d explain my life in a series of GIFs with a little help from my F.R.I.E.N.D.S (sorry) a few mean girls (sorry again) and white chicks (you get it).

How I feel when someone mentions for the hundredth time that I am short


Other things that induce this rage are using me as an armrest, asking if I know Frodo and thinking the weather is different down here. To answer your question I think there may be more oxygen.  Short people problems, the struggle is real.

I am ridiculously passive aggressive. It’s a habit I’m not proud of but I blame being British.


This does not help when I walk out of my room to a kitchen covered with dirty dishes and the floor is splattered with someones dinner…


When my skinny friends say they’re fat and I’m there stuffing chocolate in my face like:


When someone thinks it’s okay to eat something that belongs to me…


I love food! If you want me to instantly like you buy me a packet of custard creams and pat my head, I’ll be putty in your hands.

However this love has consequences.

When I go shopping and it’s one of those days where nothing seems to fit right.6228baf66a1b9697d1ac9d62df49a928

In this rage I go back to these wise words from Kevin as they are the ethos I try to live by:


When I’m having a crap, day, week or even year (yes I went there) there is always someone going on about how together they are and I’m like…


But I have my strengths…I think.

Although I cry at everything…


And occasionally try too hard to be funny and crash and burn. As I learnt never, ever, in the attempt to be funny and quote something you thought everyone would know only to realise you just sound racist and dumb.


Yes I once said this to a white African guy and no he didn’t get the reference. Highly embarrassing!

I also like to work myself up on the walk home alone by going over a million ways I could get away from an attacker…


Although one time I was so engrossed in my thoughts that the bells chimed midnight and I screamed so loudly it hurt my own ears. Also highly embarrassing!

And my mother asks me why I don’t yet have a boyfriend yet?

I feel like it has something to do with the fact that I probably flirt like this…


And dance like this…



And run like this…


And that I am incapable of talking to men I find attractive

images (2)

Well I think that’s enough about me.


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