Strike one!

I am officially a rebel!

It has taken me twenty years but I’ve finally got there, let the anarchy begin!

After detention gate of 2010 I thought I had broken away from my good girl image. But sitting in a classroom sharpening pencils for two break times didn’t seem like it really counted. So now in my final year of University I have a strike on my record.

My library record that is.

Yes you heard me right. Apparently being kind and lending your student card to someone has repercussions. Trying to get into the library with your friends card constitutes as being struck off by the library, and being shamed in the front foyer by a man who clearly thinks his job is the most important in the world.

Library police. Really? I felt like I was going to be put in one of those tiny jails they have in malls.

I mean I did lie and say she was giving me my card back and when he asked to check it I guilty said I had lied. I mean who really cares? I was trying to do some work, if you want me to fail then hey!

What a piss take, excuse my French. Hilariously, I am now sporting a piece of paper saying ‘day pass’, and have been chastised by a small man with a comb over who has let the power of strike-giver go to his head. He wasn’t at the desk when I left so had clearly gone off to phone his mum and tell her of all the crime fighting he had done today.

I went off to live my life, clearly unlike Sir strike-giver!

All in a day of my life I guess.

2 strikes to go.


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