Love is all we need.

I wouldn’t say I’m an argumentative person especially when confronted. However when someone says something I down right disagree with I have to say something. Today I got bent all out of shape by one comment from a guy claiming gay marriage is forcing the Church into beliefs it doesn’t hold. I read it aghast, my mouth fell open, and I was filled with a rage that meant if he was in punching range he would have had a sore jaw. I don’t condone violence but for a guy who professed to be gay to make outrageous claims and refer to gay marriage as “disgusting”, well I had to draw a line.

His first comment: “this is disgusting I am so ashamed to be gay because of this!” written underneath a series of pictures of the first gay marriages since the law was passed. I’m not ashamed to say I cried looking at them, the joy and happiness that poured from the images was awe-inspiring. Everybody should be able to make the commitment of marriage no matter who they love. It is an expression of love, it is stating that you are stuck on that one person for life.

This guy then proceeds to express rather incoherently his opinions:  “I think there is something WRONG with any government that goes into privet organisations , such as the church , which is independent and should not be forced to change there believes just because society at large decides they want to make the church except them as gay people and then get married under a Christian god. This is discusting , gay people are forsing churches to change there fundamental beliefes !! through social pressure ( when the church forsed religion on society it was wrong ) when the people force change on the church it is wrong) GAY MARRAGE IS WRONG . only civil partnerships are actually neccassary , its gone way past equality and into the il liberal dictatorial regime , its sad and embarrassing for all liberal gay men and women.” (direct quote, no corrections) 

I am Catholic and in my twenty years of attending mass and reading bible passages I have never stumbled upon one that led me to the conclusion that homosexuality is wrong. As I said to the guy:  “The government aren’t forcing the Church to change its opinions. The ideas of homosexuality being wrong and unacceptable aren’t taught in mass. The Bible doesn’t specify that it is wrong, people have twisted it to justify their opinions. The Bible is a text, and all texts can be interpreted in a variety of different ways. As a Catholic I don’t feel the government has told me I have to accept gay marriage. I’ve been all for it. People are entitled to their opinions. I thought the main message of Christianity was to love thy neighbor and treat others as you would like to be treated. Not s**t on everybody else’s happiness because people are starting to wake up and realise we’re not being fair. Amen.”

As you can see I was pretty angry. We’re all entitled to our opinions but I couldn’t see how someone could come up with such a twisted theory. A law has been passed to allow gay marriage in the church and I say about time. The Church is now practicing what it preaches.


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