Damn you Nicholas Sparks!

I am currently writing this through bleary teSAFE HAVENar filled eyes after putting myself through yet another Nicholas Sparks creation. I question if I’m in my right mind seen as the last book I read by said author reduced me to a blubbering wreck for several days. Why, oh why, do I put myself through it…

Now I shall put my hands up and confess “I am a hopeless romantic!” Romantic films are my kryptonite, my drug of choice, well that and custard creams. I’m not sure whether to be proud or ashamed. I should probably go with the latter.

I cannot help getting caught up in the ideas of a perfect romance. Don’t we all want that fairy tale  ending? Don’t we all want that scene where you go to a cafe/diner and you talk all night until it’s closing time. A song comes on the radio and he holds his hand out and pulls you into an embrace. Then you start to dance, his hand at you waist your head on his chest. There’s that moment where you tip you head back to look him in the eyes and he dips you low taking you by surprise, making you laugh out loud. He then brings you back up so you’re nose to nose and kisses you. At that moment it is just you and him and the world fades to grey. As if you are the only spots of colour, shining bright, glowing, radiating happiness…

Films, songs and books all give the impression of impossible romance. Unattainable, heart wrenching romance.

In real life PERFECT MEN DON’T EXIST! PERFECT PEOPLE DON’T EXIST, and if they did we would spend the entire time feeling inadequate and unworthy.

We are all flawed.

In truth some relationships may contain romantic situations where you are swept off your feet, but they won’t be perfect. He probably won’t run after you when you screw up, you probably won’t forgive him when he screws up and it will all fall apart. That’s the harsh reality. Life isn’t like the movies, life is what we try to escape from when we watch them.

I don’t completely condemn Nicholas Sparks as in amongst the romance he explores impossibly hard parts of the human condition and that makes his books all the more heart-breaking. But damn him for tearing out my heart and stomping on it yet again!

I will now sit in my room singing loudly and off-key to seriously cheesy music whilst air  grabbing and eating an entire packet of chocolate digestives.  I hope you’re happy! 



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