So, so far it has been a typical British summer.

A week of beautiful sunshine and then rain for the rest of the time. Rain is actually a bit of an exaggeration, mizzle is the best way to describe it. A pathetic form of rain that soaks you through without you really knowing about it…

It is funny though when a bit of sun comes around we all complain it is too hot. We stay inside, turn the air con up high, smother ourselves in factor fifty and stand in any piece of shade.

You can’t ever win! Let’s face it we are not built to survive in anything over ten degrees and cloudy. We’d all much prefer to get our tans out of a bottle and sit on sun loungers under parasols drinking Pimm’s through straws. I know, I know I’m stereotyping but through my own observations and opinion this is all true.

Come rain, come shine we like to complain. It’s the British way.


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